Is Russia’s “Mysterious Nano-Technology” 300,000 Years Old?

 Is Russia’s “Mysterious Nano-Technology” 300,000 Years Old?  There are times when an artefact will be found that questions our entire understanding of the world around us. When this happens, we are put in the position of being confronted with things that, according to our worldview, shouldn’t exist.  The Ural Mountains Mystery:- And in the year … Read more

An Egyptian Tomb Contains a “Model Aircraft”?

An Egyptian Tomb Contains a “Model Aircraft”?   From time to time, we will highlight for you one of the captivating displays that can be discovered in the museums of Giza.  We personally find that the more valuable of objects are often overlooked, indeed, these precious masks and past pharaoh’s possessions are undoubtedly exquisite in nature, … Read more

Did Ancient Egyptians Have “Power-Tools?”

 Did Ancient Egyptians Have “Power-Tools?” When one investigates the most fascinating and ancient of structures resting all over our planet, they will inevitably come face to face with baffling feats on engineering and ingenuity. These are tasks that modern man is incapable of comprehending or explaining, and they are sure to blow their minds.  The … Read more

A 250 Million year old Microchip contains “Ancient Mysterious Data.”

 A 250 Million year old Microchip contains “Ancient Mysterious Data.”  We have just just covered the astonishing reports that were made by a Russian man known as Mr. Kasatkin, who is a highly certified Ventilation and Safety Engineer who specialises in Seismic Prognosis. He is the one who discovered the imprints of chariot wheels deep … Read more

1,200-Ton Egyptian Obelisk : Are they just using bronze chisels and stone hammers?

 1,200-Ton Egyptian Obelisk : Are they just using bronze chisels and stone hammers? Let’s discuss about the unfinished obelisk that may be found in the quarry in Aswan, which is located in Egypt. It would have measured more than 137 feet in length, and if it had been completed, It would have weighed at least … Read more

A “Nuclear Reactor” 1.8 Million Years Old Discovered in Africa?

Is It True That Africa Has A 2 Billion-Year Old Nuclear Reactor? An ancient nuclear reactor that was active 2 billion years ago appears to be a fantasy. Perhaps it’s because the term reactor normally refers to a man-made construction. However, in this case, the reactor is a natural uranium area within the Earth’s crust … Read more

Aboriginal symbols from Australia were discovered on the strange pillar in Turkey.

This only adds to the mystery surrounding Göbekli Tepe, already one of the most baffling places we’re familiar with. There is a link between the symbol on the column at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey, carved by an unknown ancient society, and the emblem on the chest of an Aboriginal medicine man in Australia. If true, this … Read more

They Left Evidence EVERYWHERE- Very Ancient Intelligent Civilizations Existed on Earth

They Left Evidence EVERYWHERE– Very Ancient Intelligent Civilizations Existed on Earth           There is nothing new under the sun. All that we discover has existed before. Our discoveries and inventions are but reinventions and rediscoveries. We need to take a closer look at the true origins of mankind and the roots of … Read more