Is Russia’s “Mysterious Nano-Technology” 300,000 Years Old?

 Is Russia’s “Mysterious Nano-Technology” 300,000 Years Old? 

There are times when an artefact will be found that questions our entire understanding of the world around us. When this happens, we are put in the position of being confronted with things that, according to our worldview, shouldn’t exist. 

The Ural Mountains Mystery:-

And in the year 1991, researchers working on geo-mineralogical studies along a number of rivers in Russia made such a discovery. It is a portion of the Russian terrain that is known as the Ural Mountains, and it is famed for being extremely cold, odd, and quite isolated. 

For many decades, reports of scary animals like as snow yetis and other beasts have circulated throughout the mountain ranges. One such terrifying creature is said to have attacked a person in Dyatlov pass

A Black & Solid Quartz Pyramid Mystery:- 

The Ural Mountains are without a doubt one of the strangest and most remote locations on the face of the earth. There are urban legends that speak of a black, solid quartz pyramid that lays deep within the range, and echoes speak of unknown entities guarding the entrances to mystical places that have been forgotten. 

Artifact from Lost World:- 

It would appear that it has also served as the final resting place for a collection of several thousand teeny-tiny artefacts in the shape of coils. These artefacts are ancient examples of nanotechnology that come from an unknown, and very possibly extraterrestrial source

Copper was used in the construction of the larger artefacts, whereas tungsten was used for the smaller ones. The fact that these old relics are so incredibly small is, without a doubt, the most astounding thing about them. Some of the specimens are only 2.5 microns long, which is about equivalent to one 10,000th of an inch

Is it created by OuR Ancient Ancestor?

It is safe to assume that these microscopic objects were not created by our ancient ancestors because in order to create such intriguing objects, it would have required knowledge of and application of sophisticated nanotechnologies

The average length of human hair is approximately 100 microns, so it is safe to assume that these microscopic objects were not constructed by our ancient ancestors.

Golden Ratio proportions:-

It would appear that the Nano-coils exhibit Golden Ratio proportions, a trait that could only be present if intelligently designed by mathematically savvy beings. Not only do they exhibit characteristics that are reminiscent of components used within our own modern Nanotechnologies, but they also exhibit characteristics that are reminiscent of components used within our own ancient Nanotechnologies.

Fragments of Debris from the nearby Rocket Test Facility, Is it True?:-

A report from the Moscow Institute of Technology came to the conclusion that the apparent alien objects’ great age was sufficient to rule out the possibility that they were fragments of debris from the nearby rocket test facility. 

However, some sceptics to their true history have predictably attempted to speculate that the apparent alien objects were simply fragments of debris from the nearby rocket test facility. The definitive number that was obtained from this official dating put their first appearance somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300,000 years ago

The allegations that the coil-shaped artefacts were made in the very distant past have also been backed up by studies that were carried out at facilities in Helsinki, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. These studies stated that the objects predate modern history by some orders of magnitude.

Since the death of the Nano spirals’ principal investigator, Dr. Johannes Fiebag in 1999, the research has been halted. 

In addition, predictably, the current whereabouts of all of these ancient Nano artefacts are unfortunately unknown. Unfortunately, as with so many other topics that we cover,, since the Nano spirals’ principal investigator died in 1999, the research has been halted. 

It is safe to claim, however, that the Ural mountain still retains some of these peculiar and very ancient items; yet, judging by the size of the objects, it will not be very easy to locate them.

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