Aboriginal symbols from Australia were discovered on the strange pillar in Turkey.

This only adds to the mystery surrounding Göbekli Tepe, already one of the most baffling places we’re familiar with. There is a link between the symbol on the column at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey, carved by an unknown ancient society, and the emblem on the chest of an Aboriginal medicine man in Australia. If true, this would be more proof of the existence of a Hollow Earth. In the spirit of the adage “As above, so below,” etc. My guess is that this emblem appears elsewhere as well.

A universal emblem for the ancients, perhaps representing the underworld. This is not the afterlife. There is no such thing as hell or the afterlife on Hollow Earth. There are enormous humans, animals, and plants in the Hollow Earth civilisation. This is due to the Center Star’s anti-gravity field, which balances out the Earth’s reverse gravity on the interior.
This means that anything alive experiences more up forces than down forces, and hence, over time, grows in size. In the interior of planets and moons that behave like planets, the atmosphere is substantially denser.
Contrary to popular belief, the Center Star is not a nuclear hellhole. A mass of metal and other heavy and radioactive materials that has partially cooled at its centre but remains extremely hot at its surface. Low-level light, heat, and radiation are the results of this. It just doesn’t have enough mass to cause a nuclear catastrophe.
Hollow Earth, if investigated, reveals answers to many of the scientific questions raised by the Solid Earth Theory. One way in which the magnetic field of the Central Star is maintained is through the continuous circulation of frigid air from the polar vents out to space. As the core is cooled from pole to pole and the surface is heated continuously, the object acquires a magnetic alignment that makes it a powerful magnet.
At each polar opening on Earth’s surface, these vortices release radioactive decay in the moisture. Auroras are produced when charged particles from the Center Star decay and charged particles from the Sun collide.
I could go into much more detail about the behaviour of our weather, the expansion of Earth, and the form of the Earth itself. Nonetheless, I’d like to keep this post to a minimum.

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