The largest pyramid ever discovered was hidden in Mexico?

 The largest pyramid ever discovered was hidden in Mexico? 

In 1910, construction workers in Mexico began constructing an asylum for the insane atop what they believed to be a typical mountain. They almost immediately came across the ruins of a very old building as they dug into the ground. 

The fact that the hill is actually what is today regarded as the largest pyramid on earth was later realised, albeit it was not widely disclosed to the rest of the world. The Great Pyramid of Cholula, which was previously lost and has now been recovered, is concealed by grass, trees, and tonnes of earth. 

What happened to this incredible structure that has a base that is four times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza? 

Why isn’t this massive system within contemporary academia discussed more? 

It is located close to Puebla, which is the fourth-largest city in contemporary Mexico. Its 450-meter width, 66-meter height, and nine Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of floor space make it an enormous structure. This building is not only the biggest pyramid ever built; it is also unquestionably and officially regarded as the biggest structure ever constructed on Earth.  

Spanish invader Hernan Cortez led his forces to march into the important Aztec city of Cholulu in 1519; they then murdered 10% of the populace and constructed a little church on top of the hill as a sign of their triumph. The church they constructed is currently regarded as North America’s oldest structure still in use. According to historical evidence, the pyramid in Cholula was completely covered in vegetation and thought to be thousands of years old when Cortez first arrived. 

We may never know how the enormous pyramid ended up buried in the silt it now lies beneath because, according to further traditions, the Cholula people covered it in soil to hide it from Cortez’s soldiers because they held it in such high regard. 

According to experts, the pyramid evolved gradually as succeeding civilizations expanded on what had already been constructed. Workers reportedly discovered at least 63 complete and extremely old bones when an old roadway was demolished in 2013 to make room for a drainage system. Some of these remains were found with multiple skulls that looked extraterrestrial, but were missing their skeletons. The city’s residents were described as being standard size in early regional mythology that described giants building the construction. 

Despite the pyramid’s enormous size and potential significance, great efforts have been made from the 1930s until today to fully excavate it. Over five miles of tunnels have been dug inside the structure, all of which are open to the public if you can get in them. Locals are said to have claimed the pyramid as their own. Despite the significant exploratory research, the builders’ age or even their likely identity remains a mystery.  

What kind of tombs, if any, could still be located beneath the greatest pyramid that is officially recognised on Earth?

Were alien relics indeed discovered among the wreckage?

If they were, why were the findings of this testing kept a secret?. Official reports that were published years later stated that they were the beheaded skulls of malformed youngsters. But this conclusion only begs further questions. We’ll keep you informed as soon as new information is learned about the site.

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