The Mysterious Purpose of Ancient Monuments Around the World

The Mysterious Purpose of Ancient Monuments Around the World (Ancient Global Civilization Connected Monuments to Earth’s Energy Grid)

Throughout our research of ancient Monuments, we have stumbled upon countless mysteries, whose creation and often technique or technology used to lift them, which remain complete enigmas to modern academia.

Our ancestors made sure to remain ever-present in history books. By creating these precisely engineered megalithic structures for advanced purposes, we still lack the knowledge and understanding to discover. Today we admire and research the incredible monuments built thousands of years ago trying to answer some of the most important historical questions.

  • And why are so many monuments similar in design yet in continents that weren’t connected in any way?
  • How did these ancient civilization develop?
  • How do they manage to transport massive stones weighing up to 100 tonnes?  
  • But perhaps the most critical question we have failed to address is, what if there was a higher purpose to these ancient structures, and what of these remains markable monuments were placed not randomly, but strategically positioned around the globe. 

    There’s clearly a connection between all of these pyramids and megalithic structures scattered around the planet. Many believe that an invisible force is flowing across the landscape of our world. It was known to the ancients but has long been forgotten by modern humanity.

    It is known as the planetary energy system. Maybe different prehistoric global civilizations tap into its power, by building vast transmission and receiving stations using various forms of monumental architecture like Stonehenge in England, Machu Picchu in Peru, the megalithic temples of Malta, and many more other structures scattered across the globe. Maybe these monumental structures were deliberately fixed into the geometric configuration of an enchanted energy landscape. 

    Did they all together create a gigantic intricate web like pattern?

    The meaning and purpose of which has defined the most scholarly archaeologists. According to them, there is a universal energy source springing from the earth. It was distributed along the secret lines and pathways and broadcast out of the temples situated at the focal point. This mysterious hidden power of magic and healing, that was at one time shared by everyone in a forgotten golden age in the distant past. 

    How was such a system lost?. And can it be understood and restored again today?

    Several leading researchers in ancient mysteries and earth energies have found answers in various archaic sources. They have discovered that the planet’s Power Systems affect climatic and geologic changes in the earth and significant physical, emotional, mental spiritual transformations among peoples and nations. What is also being realized is that ongoing shifts and alterations in personnel and Planetary energy fields have subtle yet profound influences on world events. Only as we learn more about Earth energies, how they were once used and can be rediscovered again today.

    Will we find an essential key to the potential directions of the future ahead of us? 

    Among ancient and modern indigenous peoples worldwide, we find very similar stories of energy patterns and how they were once utilized. In England, alignments among standing stones and stone circles are called lays, along which flowed the life force that fertilizes the landscape. In Ireland, they are remembered as fairy pots and in Germany as holy lines while the Greeks knew them as the secret roads of Hermes.

    If you take a look at the world map and look at the position of all of these significant ancient monuments, you’ll notice that most of them can easily be connected with straight lines, almost as if the ancient builders used advanced forms of geometry and mathematical equations and carved them in stone. To this day, not a single scientist knows who built the pyramids of Giza, and what their real purpose is. There are zero clues suggesting the pyramids were even made by ancient Egyptians since they’re not mentioned. In any Egyptian text, no Egyptian hieroglyphs were found at the pyramids and no mummies either.

    In fact, there aren’t even any suit marks from flame torches inside the pyramids, meaning that whoever built the pyramids used a different source of lighting, perhaps electrical and something entirely unknown to us. Recent evidence suggests that the pyramids of Giza are considerably older than previously thought, perhaps built by some last ancient civilization far more advanced than anything we could ever imagine, or maybe our Creators.

    • How are all of these massive monuments around the world erected?
    • How do these ancient people manage to place the Great Pyramid of Giza at the exact center of all landmass on earth?

    Also, Almost all of the ancient structures around the world align with the stars. Starting from the pyramids of Giza, going all the way to Mexico in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, going north to the layout of the ancient Native American Hopi villages in the American Southwest.

    In the stone borrow hinges on the Neolithic landscape complex dating to 3500 BC also aligns with the constellation. They all pointed towards the three stars in the belt of Orion. And it was said that this is why the Hopi chose to settle in this location. The same can be said about the Gian pyramid in China, another marvel of the ancients. It’s evident that we are missing a vital part of our history. The ancients were far more advanced than we think.

    • Do you believe a global civilization used to exist on Earth, influencing every continent?
    • Why all of these ancient monuments are so similar in their makeup, and architecture?    

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