The Great Old World Pyramid on the Sacred Tibetan Mountain?

The Great Ancient Pyramid on the Sacred Tibetan Mountain?

The top of our planet is Tibet. The pristine beauty of this remote region of the world is beyond description. This location is extremely sacred and mysterious, mile after mile of unyielding mountains around and guard it. 

Monasteries that date back hundreds or even thousands of years still survive, perilously perched among the clouds, defying the weather. Many of these very old buildings are thought to have been constructed on the ruins of much older, bigger constructions that many religions credit to the gods

But, among all of these mountains, there is a singular mountain that stands out among the seemingly endless mountain ranges. The majority of Tibet and other parts of the world hold the view that the god Shiva was buried within this holy mountain. 

This mysterious peak in Tibet is thought by the ancients to be the world’s axis. The path leading to paradise. Mount Kailash is regarded as the holiest location on Earth in many eastern nations. Some ancient writings even make the claim that it is the location of the enigmatic city of the gods.

It is stated that anyone who tries to climb the holy faces of Kailash will either fail or perish. It is considered to be insurmountable by the climbing community; no route has ever been found and likely will never be found. Over the previous 100 years, only few people have had the courage to even approach this location. These ancient groups of people who revered this mountain above all others and thought of it as the final resting place of a god may have had some significant motivations

But what if there were hidden agendas at work?

When it comes to discouraging climbers from tackling the top. The top of Mount Kailash may not be a natural structure, but rather the remains of a massive man-made pyramid of immense antiquity, according to a group of Russian experts who are fascinated by its history and the potential suppression of its true nature. 

  • Exactly how old this pyramid can be is still unknown
  • The question of whether the entire mountain is a man-made pyramid that has been covered up by millennia’s worth of erosion also remains unanswered

The study collaborated the stone layers are horizontal and have a small colour variation, it was claimed. A mystery allegation made about the mountain concerns quick ageing when in the region. The dividing lines show up clear and distinct, giving the entire mountain the appearance of having been carved by giant hands, using enormous slabs of reddish stone. In some cases, after 12 hours in the area, the length of the hair and nails matched two weeks of typical development

According to certain mystics, the mountain contains a hidden passage that leads to the fabled realm of Shambala. The ice on its pinnacle will eventually melt, according to legend, revealing “THE EYE.” There are two underground countries, the Shambhala and Agartha, which are each a portion of the gene pool of humanity and civilization, stated Prof. Ernst Muldashev Ph.D, a doctor and explorer who travelled to Tibet extensively. 


The Thule Society’s information demonstrates the existence of a higher civilization that emerged in the Himalayas and split into the Shambhala and Agartha branches. The former is the centre of power and is guarded by mysterious powers and energies

It might take several years to determine what kind of pyramid Kailash is, or even just how unique it is. 

Of course, I’ll keep you informed.

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