Central America’s Ancient Gold City Discovered?

 Central America’s Ancient Gold City Discovered?

Large portions of the dense and sweltering jungles in Honduras, which are located in the central American country remained untouched by humans for thousands of years. The native plants, on their own, can grow to a height of up to 70 metres, making the area virtually impenetrable. 

Numerous intrepid explorers have entered these mysterious woodlands in pursuit of the legendary treasure that the trees have guarded for millennia. However, no one has ever been able to get their hands on whatever it is that was buried in this location since it has been hidden by the trees

Hernan Cortes made the very first written mention to the old city in 1526

After defeating the Aztecs, he travelled to the colonial town of Trujillo, located on the north coast of Honduras, in order to search for the fabled city of gold. This happened less than five years after he had defeated the AztecsThe hunt for Ciudad Blanca is often said to have started with Cortes’ expedition in search of the Central American El Dorado

In 1939, an American researcher named Theodore Morde claimed that he discovered evidence of massive ruins deep in the jungleMorde’s work was funded by the National Geographic Society. In addition to that, he shared the tale of an old myth that his Paya guides had relayed to him

A narrative about enormous temples that had big stone staircases leading up to their entrances, as well as a story about a giant statue of a monkey god made of gold that stood in the middle of the city. This report is supported by the oral traditions of the Pech Indians, who lived in what is now the Honduran area two thousand five hundred years before Christopher Columbus

A massive stone platform that was perfectly level served as the Temple’s focal point and was topped with a figure of the Monkey God himselfIt was said that the steps leading up to this platform were guarded by a gigantic figure of a frog on one side and a crocodile on the other. 

According to all of the reports, the city was packed full of gold; whoever built the city, whatever they were, they were obviously a very wealthy people. Legend has it that the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl originated at the White City, which was also known as Tenochtitlan

It is said that he constructed a white city of enormous proportions, according to the forefathers of the native Pech people, the precise origin of whose genealogical history is still a complete mystery

The city was revered as a holy site due to its stunning appearance and was crammed to the gills with gold. As a result of the fact that those who claimed to have discovered it in the past were unable to produce any evidence to support their claims, many people started to think that it was just a fiction.

However, for a very long time, tourists who have become lost in the jungle, and those who have been fortunate enough to escape its clutches, have reported stumbling across this large city lost deep within the dense jungle. 

Additionally, along the Plátano River, many mysterious ancient petroglyphs have been discovered carved into the rocks by an as yet, unknown ancient jungle civilization. It is currently believed that these stones are marker stones leading to the city. These accounts encouraged a group of explorers to venture into these thick woodlands in the hope of finding this incredible location. They have also been successful in locating prehistoric foundations and old mounds that are, in fact, connected to the legendary city of La Ciudad Blanca

They were able to locate a complex of mounds, ancient ruins, canals, roads, and terraces all leading into an impenetrable section of jungle by using lidar technology. All of these features suddenly became visible from laser reflections off the tree canopies in the Mosquitia region of the Honduras rain forests

The area is known as the Mosquitia region. The team has only just begun to scratch the surface of this enormous place, and they have not yet been able to penetrate the forest sufficiently to explore the ruins of the central city since the plant life is so tall up to 70 metres and has been around for so long many hundreds of years

  • What incredible treasures may possibly be hiding in this location? 
  • Is it possible that those are layers upon layers of ancient gold?

There is no reason to doubt the other information because all of the stories that have been attributed to this mysterious place have been proven to be true. This means that there is a very high possibility of an ancient gold mountain, cast by a civilization that has not been discovered yet, resting in this central American jungle, just waiting to be discovered.

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