Ancient Map Of The Universe - What's Behind Srilanka's Satrgate? 

Under a big boulder in Sri Lanka's Anuradhapura ruins is a 5000-year-old inscription, scholars say. 

There were two theories concerning the meaning of the petroglyphs.

Firstly, that is somehow an ancient map of the earth, a chart illustrating a complex knowledge of the earth. 

Second, and most compelling, the petroglyph is a key to a Portal, which many assume is a Stargate.

There are no other known images similar to a Sakwala Chakraya which translates to "Universe Cycle" in Sinhalese

Mihindukalasrya Susant Pranndu discovered something wonderful about ancient temples in 1996. 

Fernando described his discovery within his 1997 book, alien mysteries in Sri Lanka and Egypt.

Like the Great Pyramids of Giza, three large stupas perfectly line with three Orion stars

We presume you will find traces of an ancient, highly evolved culture on every continent due to their mysterious disappearance.